Brick Cleaning Paint Removal

Pressure washing with a mixture of our specially formulated biodegradable brick cleaning solution to remove atmospheric carbon and dirt stains from brick and stone surfaces without
causing damage to existing surfaces, restoring brick and stone to its original beauty.

Brick Repair Tuck pointing

The mortar joint plays a significant role in the structure and structural integrity of the wall. It holds the bricks together, it bears the compressive weight of the wall just as the bricks, and it keeps water out of the wall. It is also the weak link in the brick wall system because if water is allowed to get past the mortar and into the wall, brick failure may occur such as cracking or popping (spalling).

We can completely restore mortar joints by grinding out all existing mortar joints and replacing with new or spot point where needed throughout the brick structure to fill up any holes and cracks to stop any further damage from occurring.

Bricks replacement is a necessary maintenance procedure on any home, bricks are cut out and replaced with new or reclaimed brick to match existing shape colour texture and size.
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